Accurate Principle of Internet Marketing #2a

“We are all obligated by our common bond of humanity to not only pursue what brings us financial success but also what can make a positive impact on our community, our environment, and our world.” Steve Olsher- author of “Internet Prophet”


Series #2 Gathering Information


Before we dive into this series #2, I would like to discuss with you about Passion.


What is Passion?

Passion defines, an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

So most of us immediately concluded that passion involves doing the things you like. Fine and it’s good.

But passion goes deeper than that. Bear this in mind, to be able to be successful in anything that you enjoy doing, you also need to sacrifice of giving up something valued for the sake of something as regarded as more important or worthy. Such as time, energy, hobby, recreation, entertainment, etc…that you like and love doing to accomplish your desired goals successfully.


Are you ready for that?


As an Internet Marketer, that is your utmost Duty, your Calling, your mission.

This is also the topmost secret: your passion goes hand in hand with these elements and ingredients to keep you going and not to give up when you face challenges in the service of giving your customer the accurate solution to their problem or pain.


Series 1, we talk about knowing your customer first. We can not help our customer well unless we don’t know what is their problem, challenges, pain.

Now that we have identified their pains. What’s the next step? It is now easy for us to gather information, create a product to provide a solution to the problem our customer is experiencing.


Gathering information takes time and effort in our part to compile. Patience and perseverance are needed in selecting the best useful information.

Or if we plan in creating a product, see to it that the product we are creating will be best fits the customer needs – meaning it will really solve their problems to better their lives.

That means we have to spend hours, days or so gathering all information and creating products – not easy and all tedious task.

But because you have the passion of doing it, you love doing it and you have the satisfaction of delivering that service to your customer.

You will be rewarded with the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of the day knowing that you have helped someone solving their pain or problem.


Now let’s dive in:


  • How to search for people’s pain and challenges
  • How to gather information on the internet
  • How to compile them together as a book to offer to solve people’s pain
  • How to create a product to solve people’s pain
  • How to find other people’s product on the internet to offer to solves people pain (affiliate marketing)


How to search for people’s pain and challenges?


We are now in the Age Information technology.

Searching information on the internet is much easier compared 20 years ago. You don’t need to go to the library, search the physical book and then start gathering your needed information.


You now have the luxury of staying in the comfort of your home and you could gather all the information needed with the power of your fingertips and the help of a laptop, cell phone, and internet connections.


Before you begin your search, be sure that your chosen niche is where your passion is.

You did not choose your niche because there is a huge potential to make money on it. No. This is a big mistake to have in mind, to begin within the internet marketing industry or any business goals that you are planning to build.

This is not your focus or aim in creating your niche. Always bear in mind: The accurate principle of internet marketing is – to solve people’s problem, pain, challenges – to better their lives.


Google Search Tool



Words, Phrase search engine



If you are just starting out, let’s take the example of how you can find help in creating and building your website.

You are not a technical savvy –no technical knowledge at all how to build your website.

You can start typing on the Google search engine “how to build your own web site the easy way”. Google will show you a lot of information about how to do it: website, blog, tutorial, youtube video, e-book.

It will even show you some digital products about how to do your website for FREE.


That is the power of internet technology. Providing information right there in front of your computer and cell phone with the help of Google search engine tools.

So if you are on the niche “how to build your website”, for example, you can help the people pain( how to build my own website, as an example in this case) to build their website the easy way.


But you may reason: why bother gathering information or creating a product for people who wants to build their website when there is a lot of freelancers out there on the internet such as Upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, etc.. to contact and get their website done?


A very good question. Why?


I will give my self an example. I’m a newbie, no technical knowledge in building my website.

I know can get freelancer, upwok, Fiverr to do it and get it done quick. But I want to learn and want the satisfaction of building my website my self.

That’s my “problem or pain”. How you can help me? You, as an internet marketer and owner of the niche of “how to build your website”, comes into play. You are the provider of the solution on how to solve my problem or pain.



How to gather information on the Internet?


The Google search tool is a really great help in accomplishing our objectives in finding the information we need.

Just typing the search words, phrases, the Google search tool will show hundreds, if not thousands, website, blog, e-commerce where to get your information, products( be physical or digital one) ready at your disposal to gather them.

Of course, some of this information is not free. Why on earth, then, do we need to bother gathering this needed information or create product if the people can look and do it themselves? A very Good question?




Yes, it’s true that all information the people need is available on the internet.

But, they will not get that information unless they do some effort and do some works in searching for them on the internet.

That means they will spend time and money ( if they want to buy products online- it may be physical or digital products).


People are always busy.

Let us take an example of full-time housewife, let alone working mother, hardly has time to do this.

Imagine as a mother: begins her day early morning, cooking, prepare breakfast for the family, help her school children ready for school, wash the dishes, send children to school( if she arranged or hire a school bus to fetch her children, save her time).

When her children were gone to school, husband to the office, she starts cleaning the house, doing laundry if there is any.

Around 10:00 am, she started preparing to cook for lunch for her little school children or to fetch them from school.

In the afternoon, the mother starts her job as a coach, teacher, tutor for her primary school children and that will continue till the evening depending on her children’s ability grasp what she is teaching them.

Around 5 pm prepare dinner for the family, wash dishes. During the dinner, they could have some wholesome communication and talk about what happened that day.

If she has energy left, she might read a little bit of inspiration, motivation and spiritual up building books before retiring to bed.


After a day’s hard work, the husband and a working father have a hard time either.

I admire them if they still tried their best to be a good father in giving their child guidance and communicate with them regularly.

Of course, working hard to earn a living, does not give a father an excuse to execute their responsibility to provide them, emotionally, physically and especially, spiritually.

But you know what I mean – they have a tough schedule to do all of these.


So You, as an Internet Marketer, has the opportunity to provide the loop or the gap.

I would say this is your “ whole obligation” your “mission”.

Your unique personality and passion have been called so that you could create a niche that can specifically and precisely help the people with their pain.

They need your help to better their lives by providing them this Value.


Because of your passion for helping these people, this passion of yours will, in turn, give you motivation, inspiration in toiling, working hard to gather all the information needed to offer them.

This is your aim. How do you go about doing all of these? As we have been talking about, information technology will make it easier for you to get this job done.

But not as easy as you think, you still need time, effort and research to gather all the information needed by the help of Google search engine.

You will search the website for articles, blog, vlog, video, books( digital or physical), e-commerce site, etc….gather them and offer them to your customer. Or you can create a product yourself.


How to compile the information as an e-book to offer and solve people’s pain?


You can use keywords search relating to the subject ( the people pain and problem that you want to solve in that matter).

Google search engine is one. But I recommend going to the site called “answer the”.

You could use the site to type your keywords search the topic that you want.

Just type the words or phrase and it will generate a lot of topics related to the words and phrase you have typed.

Take note though, don’t type too many words. It will not give you a good result on a related keyword that you want to search. Limit it one to 3 words phrase.


So you have searched the pain of the people you want to help. Start searching the information on the Internet.

The next step is compiling the gathered information as an e-book. How are you going to do that in an organized manner and easy for your reader to digest them?




To speed up and organize your writing process, you need to create an outline. This formula works well also when creating your audio and video products.


An example of an outline:

Task 1- Name your Chapter( or you can name Module-to perceived high value usually when you plan to create a video product)

Task 2 – Name your Sub-chapter( or you can name sections)

Task 3- Create bullet points for each subchapter

Task 4 -Assign media format to each subchapter


Now let’s break this down further as an example:





When creating a course or product information, I highly recommend to name it modules not chapter.

Why? The word “Modules” carries perceived high value compared to the word “chapter” which readers’ associate it only to a book which values approximately less than $10.


Valuable tips: When creating product information: go to and look for 3 to 10 best-selling books related to your niche.

It will greatly help you in creating your product outline and gives you an excellent idea of what topics are most search by your buyer persona.


Go to Amazon .com and look for any top 10 best selling books of your chosen subject. Then click the resulting book.

Then, find the “look inside” image at the right top corner of the book image. Click the “the look image” image.

A new window will open, allowing you to see a few pages of the book. Amazon usually allows you to see at least the table of content for every book they sell.


Doing this will give you an idea what most people are interested in reading it.

Above all, you can angle your subject to that related topic. But avoid plagiarism- copying someone’s work. It’s illegal.



You can break your product information into 5 to 10 Chapter(or module for that matter)




Again, I highly recommend naming “sections” that chapter because it increased perceived the high value of your information product, usually if you are making a video course.

In the example below, I am naming it chapter as I’m using an e-book.


Now break you’re down your module into 3 to 5 sections depending on each topic that you want to discuss.



An example of what you’re creating:


Chapter 1 – Introduction


  1. What is this book all about?
  2. Why are you creating this book?
  3. What will you learn from this book


Chapter 2- Getting started with Facebook Ads


  1. Choosing your niche
  2. Finding a Product to Sell


  1. Creating your Brand and Facebook Page


Chapter 4 – Creating a Buyer Persona


  1. Basic Demographics
  2. The Persona


Chapter 5 – How to create your First Ads


  1. Facebook Power Manager
  2. How to Make Amazing Copy for Your Ad


Chapter 6- Facebook Image Guidelines


First of all, for your profile photo and cover image, you’ll need 180×180 pixels and 828×315 respectively.

For App Installs/Engagement ads, your image should be 1,200×628.

For photo adverts, the images will be 1,200×900 and for videos, you’ll have to choose a thumbnail image that’s 1,200×675.

Carousel images will be 600×600 and website links will be 1,200×628.


Chapter 7- Facebook Audience Targeting


  1. Demographics
  2. Interest
  3. Behaviors
  4. More Categories



Chapter 8 – Top Tips for Using Facebook Ads Effectively

  1. Be Upfront
  2. Target Strictly
  3. Use Eye-Catching Headlines
  4. Don’t be Afraid to Generalize
  5. Copycat
  6. Experiment
  7. Invest in High Quality


How to Adapt Your Strategy to the Unique Goals of your Business

  • For Selling Affiliate Product
  • For Selling Big Ticket Items
  • For Promoting a Website
  • For Local Businesses

Conclusions and Summary

With the outlined example above, you’re almost done.

Even if you hire a freelancer good writer to outsource your plan info product e-book, he can finish this in a short period of time.

The more detailed you give him/her will definitely able the writer to come out a high-quality info product.


Break your sub-chapter into bullet points just as you do breaking Chapter into sub-chapters. You can break them into 3-5 bullets points as an example below:

Chapter 7- Facebook Audience Targeting

  1. Demographics
  • Education
  • Ethnic Affinity
  • Financial
  • Generation
  • Home
  • Life Events
  • Parents
  • Politics
  • Relationships
  • Work


  1. Interest
  • There a huge list here…..


  1. Behaviors
  • Automotive
  • Behaviors
  • Behaviors targeting
  • Purchase behavior
  • Charitable donations
  • Consumer classification
  • Digital activities
  • Financial
  • Mobile device user
  • Network connection
  • Travel
  • Residential profile





Carrying out this task will help you to organize your thought usually if you intend to create a video or audio course. An example of an outline below:


1.Introduction on What you will benefit from this book ( 1 – 2 pages written)

2.Tutorial on how to make your first Facebook ad ( video – 20-30 minutes)

3.Facebook Image Guidelines –Where to get free best stock photo website( audio 20 – 30 minutes)

There you have some simple guide tips in creating your info products. Using is the secret and a great way of helping you to create your info product – easy and fast way.


Writing your E-book

You can use simple words processing program to write your e-books such as Microsoft word or word perfect. You can write as much as you can about the topic base on your outline.

Initially, don’t worry about grammar or spelling. Your goal is to write volumes on the subject.

Prepare your E-cover

To give your e-book an attractive cover, you can use graphics to create a visual representation.

Since no one will be able to ‘physically’ behold your ebook (unlike a printed book), the alternative is to create a cover for the e-book that will give your readers the feeling of a real book.

There is a lot of help that you can get from Adobe Image Styler or Adobe Photoshop.

You can make of website such as, If you are not comfortable doing it, you can hire professional designers like or


Ebook Compiler


Below is my suggested e-book compiler:

“Free PDF conversion from Adobe:
Adobe Acrobat can compile your e-book for free.

This service is offered with some restrictions. To use this free service, log onto the above link and click on the page that says ‘Create Adobe PDF Online’.

Click on ‘free trial’, complete the short sign-up process, and Adobe will e-mail you a sign-up confirmation.

Upon activating your account, you can convert up to five documents for free, though it may force you to split your documents into smaller parts if converting the whole file will exceed the free service’s time limit.

PDF995 Free conversion:
You can download and use the products of PDF995 to compile your e-book into PDF.

Visit their website for a free copy of their popular ‘PDF995’ software suite. This collection of three software products allows you to create professional quality PDFs quickly and easily.” (source: “How to compile E-book”  by Kingsley Oghojafor)



In the next series, we will continue the following:


  • How to create a product to be able to offer and able to help people’s pain
  • How to find other’s people product on the internet and offer to the people who are undergoing pains and challenges for the betterment of their lives.


If you have any suggestion on related topics that we need to include to discuss. Please let me know. Your feedback is greatly appreciated..