Accurate Principle of Internet Marketing

Accurate Principles of Internet Marketing

Series 1: Know Your Customer First


“The aim of marketing is to understand the customer well, the product that fits him and sells itself” Peter Dracker.



So much information is now flooding the internet nowadays. Information that you need is just right at the tips of your fingers in searching the target topics and desired information: from Google search and from so-called Guru on every certain topic, blog, and niches.


You go to Google search and you are overwhelmed by such information on certain topics that you are looking for. Every now and then a new updated knowledge has been added to those topics.


That accumulated knowledge information you want to gather from your search overwhelmed you more than ever. On top of that, you really don’t know exactly which one are the best, accurate and effective that you can you use.


With all of these tons of storage knowledge in a certain topic available at your disposal, which ones are you going to use effectively?


How you really can not know which ones are accurate and effective to use?


Gathering information and testing the effectiveness is not only tiring but also time-consuming. Above all, it’s cost you money! Whew! Is it that right? Is that true of you?


You are not alone, many internet marketers out there can relate to that experience. In fact, both long, old-timer and newbie are experiencing that, including myself.


As an internet marketer, what is your main purpose of gathering information, creating a product( physical or digital)?:


Just purely to make Money?


To help people with their pain and better their lives?


If you are after for the first question, you will not last long. If you are after for the next question, you are more likely to stay and be more successful.


Successful internet marketer, blogger, podcaster, internet entrepreneur, digital publisher out there such as, John Kremer, Pat Flynn, David Riklan, Jason Van Orden, Callan Rush, Yanik Silver, Anik Singal, just to name few, can attest the truthfulness of applying the principle of identifying the pain of the customer first, only and only then you could be better able to help and offer an accurate solution for their problem, making a great impact on their lives for betterment.


Why is it very important that we, including myself, should know our customer needs and wants first before gathering information.


The simple basic truth and must be the first priority that every single internet marketer bear in mind:

  • We can not help our customer very well if we don’t know his pains
  • We will spend a lot of money on ads and marketing on the product that you want to sell but nobody wants it. (I’m speaking from my own experience as a newbie internet marketer, let alone frustrated internet marketer out there.)
  • Be sure that your niche and passion is incongruent with the pain the customer is facing so that you can offer the right and accurate solution to their problem and can better their lives.



Now that we know these 3 basic simple truth that every single internet marker should bear in mind, it is more easier for us to gather information, create a product to offer the right solution to the customer pain- that is the purpose of writing this article- I called this the accurate principle of internet marketing


This is the simple secret that we need to know to be able to gather the right information, to create the right product, and of course, logically, be able to offer and apply the accurate principle of internet marketing- solving peoples pain, problem, challenges- to make their lives better.


This is a series articles publishing for the purpose of giving internet marketer a tool, knowledge of what is the trends, be abreast of the latest technique, strategy, software that the successful internet marketer is using to get more leads, thereby, by keeping abreast of the trends,  internet marketer is more accurate in giving, solving people’s pain for betterment of their lives.


On the next series of article, we will talk about:

  • How to search for people’s pain, challenges on the internet( be sure it’s in your niche and passion)
  • How to gather information on the internet
  • How to compile them together as a book to offer to solves the people’s pain
  • How to create a product to be able to offer and able to help people’s pain
  • How to find other’s people product on the internet and offer to help people’s pain.