Accurate Principles of Internet Marketing series#2b

series #2b

How to create product to be able to offer and help solve people’s pain

Creating Your Own Product

Creating a product can be done in 3 ways:

  • Write or record it all in your own
  • Outsource the whole thing
  • Create part of it and outsource the other part


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options and way of creating a product on their own unique way of approach.

The following 3 are the most popular types and method how you can create your product:




You really don’t need much equipment if you are planning to write your own product. Any computer with pages or Microsoft words will be sufficient. After you’ve done writing, you can export them in PDF and you’re done.

If you want to speed up and organize your writing, take your outline and go one level deeper on each bullet points. As an example below:

  • Module Title
    • Bullet Title
      • Bullet Point
        • Sub-Bullet Point


Successful entrepreneur reveals that when creating Audio Product, treat it as a written product. Create a deeper level outline with more bullet points. To make it more natural, use more conversational writing tone.

As a beginner, you don’t really need an expensive microphone. You can purchase a good microphone of less than $100 at your local electronic store. Should you want to be more professional, successful entrepreneur suggests investing in the Zoom HN4 which cost you about $200.

Honestly, if you are starting off like me, it does not matter which microphone you use for the moment. When your business starts to profits and offers more cash flow, then it is recommended upgrade your sound equipment.


Even basic technology, that is the most computer available today is loaded and equipped with great software that will record your audio. That’s why you may never need professional audio studio again.


There are 4 kinds of Video Products you can create:

1.Face to Camera

2.Screen Capture

3.Webinar and Replays

4. Scribble Pad Videos

Face to Camera videos is created by setting your video camera on a level surface and record yourself speaking to it. A lot of people are not comfortable speaking in front of video camera. It this you, no worry, don’t put yourself through it. There are other options.

But if you are doing it, pay much attention to the quality of your video and your sound. You need a good lighting and proper settings on the camera.

If the resulting shot is poor, the value of your product goes down. Use professional video team to create a high-quality shoot that in turn will produce a high-quality product.

Screen capture videos are made using a software on your computer simply by recording your screen and voice. You can prepare PowerPoint slides ahead of time and then record yourself through them by your own voiceover.

There is an advantage of doing this method because you don’t need lighting or shooting quality. Editing is almost not necessary.

Recommended software:

PC= Camtasia – about $300+

Mac= ScreenFlow – about $100+

Webinar and replay videos are created similar to screen capture videos. The Only difference is that you are conducting them Live and recording them as well.

This method has a great advantage as this allows you to start selling the product without having made the product yet.

You can sell to customers a product that is to be delivered over a certain period of days or weeks when you finished the recorded product.

This is really a great way of starting making sales and creating a product as you go.

This product is often based on PowerPoint presentation. And guess what, you can use the inexpensive microphone we mention at the begging of this discussion.

If you used a platform such as GoToWebinar to run your webinar, the software automatically records your entire webinar presentation for you!

Scribble Pad videos are made where you draw and write on the screen while you narrate your presentation.

They have the common share advantage as screen capture videos. What? You don’t need to show your face and don’t need any fancy editing.

 What Else advantage? Unlike screen capture videos, you don’t need to prepare PowerPoint ahead of time. On that way, more direct engaging with the viewer!

To create a Scribble Pad videos, you need a writing/drawing table that is compatible with your computer.

Recommended software:

Wacom Intous Pro= about-$300+

Scribble Pad= $100+

By now, you can see that is actually very easy to create your own product once your main outline is done.

You spend most of the work on your outline. As a reminder, is the best source in helping you quickly how to best create your outline.

The question now is: What if I do not want to create my own product?

What if I want to outsource it?

By all means, you can do that. In fact, it will be an advantage when you are just starting out, like me. It will really save you a lot of time – it can even result in a higher quality product!


Take advantage of the Freelance Websites. This website now providing access around the world offering international discounts.

Not only save you a lot of time but also help you to create high-quality products. Of course, you need some budget to be able to do this.

 But the most important thing is to create a high-quality product in a short period of time and leave you free time where you can concentrate on the most important thing: marketing.


  • Job get more done, more quickly
  • Scale into more projects at the same time
  • Focus on marketing and list building
  • Content is well-researched and better written
  • Work on more product at the same time
  • $aves a lot of money
  • Find a long-term talent partner to work with for years.

Here are the Best Recommended Steps to follow to make your Outsourcing work well for you:

  1. Choose a freelance website.
  2. Post your project.
  3. Choose a freelancer.
  4. Manage the work output.
  5. Build a strong relationship for recurring work.

Building good relationship spent on few months with your chosen talent will be to your advantage for years to come.


Once you find a good freelancer, you will never have to post jobs or review applications-saves you a lot of Time! Just send them to email, Skype message. In just a few days later, the job is done!

Here is a simple guide how to get started with your plan outsourcing:

1-Choose A Freelancer Website

There are quite a few great freelance websites out there. Below are sample lists of the good one.

  • is a great resource technical offshore developers. Recommended for simple and small project-based technical project. is a great resource for western-based with excellent English language and grammar skills. Prices are a bit more than the rest of the sites. The reason being is that they feature talent from western countries. is an excellent source for great talent for all-around help such as programmers, content writers, personal assistants, designers. Highly recommended. is a great resource for design projects. But I find them expensive more than the rest of the sites.

Here are the tip and great benefits of hiring your chosen talent from this site: Get several designers to do the project job- and then reward the project money

Only to the one you have chosen that did the right job! If you are just starting out, like me, this is too advanced and costly for you at this time. is a similar great source of all-around talent like More inexpensive and you can even haggle for the price with your freelancer.

2-Post Your Project

In posting your project, be as much specific in details/description as possible to be sure your talent understand fully the job to be done.

Here my suggested tips to be sure freelancer read carefully your post details:

put a text code at the end of the paragraph/sentence in the middle and in the end of email post asking him/or her of that code.

 When your freelance respond to your post, you could ask them a question like:

If you understand fully what is required of that project, please give me the text code at the end of that sentence/paragraph, etc…?

If you are in doubt, ask question, openly communicate, hold nothing back to be sure your project come out right as you expected.

3- Choose Your Freelancer

In choosing your freelancer, here are some simple suggested standard rules to follow to more likely find a good talent:

  1. Never choose the least expensive or the most expensive bid. Choose in between.
  2. The person must have a minimum at least 9 to 10 completed projects done on the website. (Though I have tried also those who have done 4 to 5 projects and done a good job. You could do the same if you are not in a rush and you have time)
  3. Always send a private message and see how fast the freelancer responds to you. Best recommended responds within 12 hours or less.
  4. Have at least 3 private messages going back and forth to get a good feeling for that person before making a choice.
  5. Go to freelancers profile to view not only person’s review but also their star ratings. Read what their past employee have written bout them. I usually like to pick freelancers whose past employers gave them excellent ratings.

4 – Manage Your Work Output

At the beginning of your requested project, you need to keep in touch with your freelancer to know how the project is going. Use private, Skype to communicate with them.

Ask them to send you draft for your review if possible. If the freelancer is just first time working with you, to be fair, give them days or weeks to learn your preferences.

Tips: Freelancers has the habit of taking more work project that they can handle. That’s the reason you need to constantly keep in touch with them on a timely basis.

To offer hands-on guidance to your freelancer, make yourself available to them. Sound tedious, but worth it as you get the quality of work you want.

5 – Build A Strong Relationship For Recurring Work

It is good to bear in mind when you are looking for a good freelancer partner online- to build and create a reliable long-term work relationship.

It’s only at the beginning of selecting a good freelancer, that you need to spend time.

Try to keep your chosen freelancer engaged if you can. When you work with them for months o more, they will know you better, your style.

This gives you the opportunity to build that relationship that in turn give your work a priority, better rate, and speed.

It’s always a good feeling not to waste a lot of time searching a freelance on the website when you need them.

Having worked with the good freelancer in the past, you could go straight to someone and assign the work and have the confidence that they will do the job well done.

One Last Word of advice from successful Entrepreneur that I would like to share:

When I get started, I was stuck for a long time.


Because I want that my launched product would be perfect. This is a Big Mistake!

I don’t want you to experience the same mistake again( usually the same is happening to most of the newbie out there).

Never try to perfect your product! This is the good thing about online business, you can always make any changes you want and update your product anytime!

Always important to remember and ask yourself this question: ”Is there value in this product?”

If your answer is “yes”, then go and launch your product and move on to the next step.

In the next series, we will discuss how to find others product to offer and solve people's pain.

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To your success,

Carter Espino